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The EarthServer Initiative

EarthServer has established open access and ad-hoc analytics on extreme-size Earth Science data, based on and extending leading-edge Array Database technology.  

Database query languages serve as client/server interface for "mix & match" access to multi-source, any-size, multi-dimensional spatio-temporal data - in short: "Big Earth Data Analytics" - based on the open standards of OGC and W3C. The platform technology, rasdaman, has been extended with further spatiotemporal coverage data types. Highly effective optimizations - such as parallel and distributed query processing - ensure scalability to Exabyte volumes.

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Six Lighthouse Applications with some 300 TB have demonstrated feasibility of this approach. Experience has been fed back into standardization to advance OGC specifications, and into ISO for extending the SQL standard with n-D arrays.

Project Brief Title: EarthServer
Run time: Sep 2011 - Aug 2014
Budget: 5.85 mEUR
EU Contribution: 4.00 mEUR
Funded by: EU e-Infrastructure
Project Number: 283610